Executive Chef, Sous ChefDirector of Sales

The Assistant Kitchen Manager (ASM) works closely with the Executive Chef and Sous Chef to coordinate kitchen production. The ASM can answer questions from cooks regarding recipes and cooking techniques. In addition, the ASM is well versed in trouble-shooting and signing off on platter types and the plattering aesthetic of Poppy’s stationary platters. Also, the ASM will have knowledge of the kitchen inventory and ordering procedures as well as crafting prep lists.

Ultimately, the job of the ASM is to think like the Executive Chef, leading the execution of menus and plating in line with the Poppy’s aesthetic.

This includes:
·      Producing and plating delicious and beautiful food and platters
·      Ensuring that the prep list is completed correctly and efficiently
·      Mapping out strategies that ensure prep lists are completed in a timely manner, which includes a daily meeting with the kitchen staff
·      Supporting both the Executive and Sous Chefs in supervising cooks and drivers as an arbiter of the best practices in the kitchen
·      Working with the Executive Chef in overseeing plattering and signing off on completed stationary platters
·      Coordinating (but not necessarily cooking) family meal daily
·      Taking kitchen inventory and understanding kitchen pars
·      Ordering produce, dairy, and dry goods when necessary
·      Writing daily prep lists when necessary

The ASM is measured on the continual success on the kitchen to produce delicious and beautiful looking food, platters, and hor d’oeuvres as well as the time it takes to complete its daily tasks.

Success criteria include:
·      Consistently completing the prep list before 3:30 PM each day
·      A consistently stocked kitchen
·      Positive kitchen morale
·      Consistent production of family meal between Noon and 1 PM
·      Customer satisfaction with both the taste and presentation of Poppy’s meals, platters and hor d’oeuvres
·      The Creative Director’s approval of both the taste and presentation of Poppy’s meals, platters and hor d’oeuvres