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*Online orders must be placed by 12PM and 48 hours in advance to your chosen order date. Orders can be picked up at our storefront location or delivered for a fee. No minimum for deliveries. Please contact retail@poppyscatering.com for vegetarian entree options.*

Our daily rotating Entrée #2. Serves up to four. Current options:

  • monday: grilled pastured hanger steak w/ cucumbers, fennel + pink peppercorns (gf/df/ef)

  • tuesday: seared black bass w/ sesame + herb salad (gf/df/ef)

  • wednesday: baharat spiced fish w/ pickled peppers + tomatoes (gf/df/ef)

  • thursday: balsamic glazed hanger steak w/ baby arugula + shaved parmesan (gf/ef)

  • friday: beet bbq hanger steak w/ shaved corn + radishes (gf/df/ef)

  • saturday: striped bass w/ tomatoes, olives + basil (gf/ef/df)

  • sunday: seared king salmon w/ cucumber dill salad (gf/df/ef)

For larger or specialized orders please contact Poppy's Catering + Events team for a curated menu

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